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ZynlePay Service

ZynlePay is a  payment gateway service of Zynle Fintech Limited in Zambia.  The payment gateway allows organizations  and individuals to receive/send money using mobile money and debit/credit card. The cards supported are VISA, Mastercard,Maestro and American Express. And mobile money service supported are Airtel, MTN and Zamtel

In order to receive payments businesses need to sign-up for a merchants account, undergo an on-boarding and verfication process for your account to be activated.

 ZynlePay support two type of merchant account;

Types of Merchant Accounts

1. Real Merchant Accounts :

These are internet merchant accounts that are linked to a bank account. Settlement of funds is done directly to an organization's bank.

2. Virtual Merchant Account :

These are accounts that are virtual in nature and not linked to any bank account. Settlement funds sent to a ZynlePay collection account and later electronically sent to the individual bank accounts of the merchants.

Using the Payment Gateway

1. API

ZynlePay provides APIs for integration from third party website/ERP/System . Zynle also provide cart plugins for famours content management system like wordpress, joomla, drupal and cakephp

2. ZynlePay portal:

Merchant can receive funds through ZynlePay portal by simply sending payment link to buyer of service or products

3. Security

Zynle understand the risks associated with payment over Internet and endeavors to keep best practices in its operational procedures, software development standards, customer data transmission and data storage.

Compliant with PA-DSS and PCI-DSS  standards and works with security metrics of US to enhance security and audit systems.