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Receiving Funds

ZynlePay offers to receive options for bank accounts and mobile wallets.


Why Receive Money with ZynlePay?

1. Fast. Your money is available for pick-up in minutes or sent to your bank account same day.

2. Convenient. ZynlePay provides different receive options, including E-Wallet and Bank Accounts.

3. Reliable. Your money gets to where you want it when they need it.

ZynlePay allows merchants or organizations to receive money from their clients using a debit/credit card. It has been integrated into card brand networks for card authorization, capture, and settlements.

ZynlePay currently receives internet payment with debit/ credit cards like VISA, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express 


For Merchants to receive payments, they are provided with merchants accounts linked to their bank account. Merchant accounts also called internet accounts are provided by Zynle Technologies Limited and work with VISA and MechAct and Organizations can use bank accounts of their own preference.

Types of Merchant Accounts Provided

1. Real Merchant Accounts: These are internet merchant accounts that are linked to a bank account and settlements are done directly to an organization or bank.

2. Virtual Merchant Accounts: Virtual merchant accounts are virtual in nature and thus are not linked to any bank account and provided to high-risk merchants. Settlements to these accounts are done through a collection account and later are electronically sent to the individual bank accounts of the merchant.